Reduce Vehicle Development Costs with Real-world Simulations

Vehicle testing is a complicated and costly endeavor. Organizations worldwide seek to replace their physical testing with accurate simulations to reduce costs, shorten design cycles, and discover higher-performing designs.

The efficient simulation of long duration realistic vehicle test cycles has continued to elude many organizations even today. The extremely long nature of these problems coupled with the nonlinear 3D physics models required for predictive accuracy and validation are known to be extremely computationally intensive, even with large HPCs. An alternative approach is to deploy a virtual product development process to create fast-running representations of the most computationally expensive modeling physics. You can then use these alternatives along with lower cost physics models to simulate such test cycles.

This webinar will discuss:

  • Modern methods for virtual testing and validation
  • Motivation for simulating vehicle test cycles
  • How various methods for simulating test cycles compare
  • Commercially available tools that enable the simulation of vehicle test cycles with a low computational cost, and high accuracy