Battery Cell Selection Using About:Energy’s Cell Database with TAITherm

Join us as we demonstrate how to use About:Energy’s battery cell database, along with a TAITherm thermal/electric battery model, to choose the right cell out of the vast number of commonly used batteries for vehicle traction applications.

In this webinar, we present on:

  • A database of information on over 400 commercially available cells that can be used to select the right one for your application, including detailed models for a selection of them
  • Models in the database that include equivalent circuit models (ECMs), split-ECMs, single particle (SPM) electrochemical models, Doyle-Fuller-Newman (DFN) electrochemical models, and the thermal properties that correspond to each cell
  • How models can be downloaded in any platform of choice, including TAITherm and Simulink
  • A 3D thermal/electric pack model that can be used to evaluate the thermal gradients in each cell and across the pack
  • How thermal/electric modeling can provide useful information about pack performance that includes useable capacity, energy density, power density, pack mass, and estimated pack cost